Limited Edition, Essential for Sensitive Skin.
For all skin types but especially for those with a more sensitive skin type in winter.
Me Time Moisturiser 50ml, Cleanse and Mend 50ml and Ritzy Spritz Toner 15ml €69.00

Muscle Recovery
Created as the perfect gift for those who suffer from regular muscle tension and fatigue and very active people.
Feel The Heat 100ml, Muscle Warming Gel and Serenergise 100ml body oil €67.00

Dry/Dehydrated skin set.
Ideal for those who suffer with dry skin.
Pearl esquire 50ml hydrating moisturiser,
Cleanse and Mend Cleanser 50ml and Ritzy Spritzy Toner 15ml €69.00

What is VOYA Organic Herbal Facial!

The one facial treatment will lift, and leave skin with rediant glow. Infuse with mineral rich seaweeds, one of nature's most powerful anti-oxidants. This treatment compilmented with an age defying eye treatment using marine eye compresses of Laminara digitata to improve fine lines, puffiness and decongest.


Book Voya Organic Herbal  Facial for  75 min €85